Friday, September 9, 2016

Pieces of Me

Juggling between work and writing is never easy. I almost quit writing for past few months, I thought I lost it like rest of the people. In college days, there were some University Bhutanese blogger whom I used to ardently follow owing to their fascinating posts and frequent updates. Then there was sudden brake on their blog, frequencies started to fall drastically, eventually few stopped writing completely or they stopped updating. I observed that those who stopped updating were one who started to work but there can be some exception like Aue Dawa Knight.  

Then after a graduation, I seems to be walking in their path. Firstly, I stopped writing on my diary because by the end of the day, I was both physically and mentally drained out. The work pressure is extreme; deadline and the work progress wedging me mercilessly, struggling to close gap between negligence and vigilance, learning from the scratch, etc. Works apart! Somehow my writings survived in the poetry and the prose on my phone. I am exhaustedly happy with what I could write even if it is barely a writing.

Got to catch up later…..Bye. Here are the pieces that kept me going. Love.

Thank You :D :D :D <3

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