Friday, June 30, 2017

Musing: Note to Self

The usual emotional rollercoaster ride in recent times had me thinking for so long and ultimately knocked me with the revelations of the blessings in my life. Admittedly I have had enough of complaining and whining, exaggerated the petty things and started being so pessimist for so long to lose the days of my life. Now, when I take a long breath and look into my life I realize I am truly blessed to have so many things in my life. I take a moment to be grateful for the gracious generosity bestowed upon me by life, of course in an abundance. I have everything I needed and more than that I am gifted with the ability to achieve whatever I need. I am not going to belittle the beauty of life by worrying or complaining.

Just another day in a regular conversation with myself, I was grinning like a fool for many satisfying experiences with the life. Sometimes it is in the little things we find the joy of life. My preference over life have really changed in a recent times such as listening to light and happy songs to sad melodious songs (when I listen to sad songs these days, I cringed my nose realizing how depressing it sounds), bright color of clothes I pick and the way I swirl and twirl in a room with the loud music in the background.

Isn’t life too beautiful to live worrying? Mental note to self :D Leave worry at bay; don’t worry even if you are not doing as good as you expected (you are doing better than many), don’t panic even if you make mistakes (that is way you are learning and the proof that you are trying), it is ok to be broken sometimes (you will learn to stitch yourself up) and the most importantly if you are feeling the crest and trough of life, girl you are living the life in a right way. There is nothing wrong in making mistakes; it is ok to fall in love and get your heart broken, it is ok to get snapped while arguing with boss, it is ok to get into arguments with subordinates older than you, it is sometimes ok to fight with siblings or disappoint parents, it is ok to drift apart from friends, it is ok to dream big and fight for it, it is ok to feel everything at once and nothing at next.

So see, not a big deal. Stay positive, stay happy. Thank you, I am grateful for everything.

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