Friday, September 13, 2013

A Girl Who Ran Away From her Own Shadow

Not so long ago, there was this timid girl who always hated the light because the moment the lights empowers the world, her shadow followed her. She didn’t exactly hate the light but she blamed the light for the appearance of her shadow. As she would describe the ugly dark shadow of her, she hated the fact that shadow copied her every move, she detested the fact that it reflects everything she does, she despised shadow for a reason that it is an exact replica of her, she reviled the ugly truth that it will never leave her alone until she leaves the world. She refrained from doing anything with the fear that her shadow will copy.  She punished the shadow by standing still; she would stay in one corner hiding from her own shadow.

When the sun waves goodbye to the day and submerged behind the farthest mountain, a girl’s smile beamed on her face. Though her happiness was temporary, she would enjoy the moment in the absence of her shadow. She loved her privacy, she loved her OWN time and she wished that shadow will vanish forever from her life.

One beautiful day, she saw a kitten chasing  its  own shadow, running  and playing with it. Even with nobody around kitten looked very contended and happy with the simple assurance that its shadow is forever with it.

A girl looked at her own shadow and saw a dark and thin shadow standing still with shoulder hung as if it has been heavily loaded, as if it is carrying the whole world’s pain. “Oh my god!” with the utter shock she covered her mouth with her little hand and saw shadow doing the same. She became curious and moved right, the shadow moved right and when she stops it stops, then she raised her left hand up and waved and saw shadow doing the same. She jumped with the excitement and started dancing and saw her shadow doing exactly the same.

That day a girl realized that she wasn’t running away from her shadow but herself. Loved one might leave, friends might betray, others might hurt but shadow will do no harm and stay with you forever. Shadow plays when you play, laugh when you laugh, run when you run, fly when you fly, dance when you dance and cry when you cry but never leaves you even when it is dark, its just that you don’t see it. It stays with you forever. From that day onwards shadow became her best friend and she stopped running away from the shadow and herself.
And she lived happily ever after.


Photo Courtesy: Bing Images