Monday, September 16, 2013

Battling the Night

On 16/9/2013

With the creepy feeling and suffocating with heat, I woke up and check the time and it was 2:09am. To get a better access of the slow-motion fan of maximum turned speed, I planned to sleep on the floor with the assistance of the thin bed sheet. I was about to sleep when roommate said “Tshering, toilet jo gay.” We went and came back.

I was about to sleep on the floor when she suggested that I can sleep on her bed and she will sleep on my bed with my friend (by the way I had a friend who came for a sleepover). Liking the idea of not having to sleep on the merciless hard floor, I lay on her bed.

I closed my eyes and felt little unusual sleeping on the other’s bed but without caring I tried to get sleep. Sleep seems miles away and my mind started wandering all around and finally got stagnated on the movie I watched on Saturday (The Conjuring (2013) -latest horror movie.) The movie wasn’t that scary but realistic and relatable with the daily happenings.

I crossed my fingers and scolded myself to think something pleasant. At some extent I succeeded but again the images from the movie started popping out. I tossed left and right with the hope that I will be able to fall sleep with the change of direction. I was about to drift into the little subconscious state when I heard a loud bang on the door. I got alert with the shudder.

Mastering the every ounce of my courage (I believe there wasn’t much left), I woke up to inspect what is happening. I switch on the light and found that we haven’t latched the door (we because I don’t remember who came last after going to the toilet). I latched it and made my bed on the floor and slept near them (even two meter distance seem very far).

I laid on the floor, saw cupboard at the diagonal edge of the room triggering the scene from the ‘The Conjuring’ where the ghost jump from the cupboard and attacked the victim. I held my breath, closed my eyes and tried to divert my thoughts. To despair, hallucinated the shadows moving and heard the clear crack of the door and heard clear footsteps in the corridor (I knew someone was going to the toilet at that moment but…..)

I moved to my bedside and without trying to wake my friend I held her hand, being a light sleeper, she woke and asked “Hang awa ya?” (“What happened?”).  “Menang ophu mala, young kheyna. Gadang gae” (I am scared and I can’t sleep, give me your hand.) I answered. She dozed off after giving hand. I held it tight as if promising to never let it go.

Holding a hand definitely helped me but sleep was far away. It was useless, so I stopped fighting and let my mind wander in the desired direction. I don’t know how long I stayed like that (seemed pretty long), my friend Sonam waked and asked “Oma bu ma yeb chin mo?” and I said no.

I thought of calling mother but I discarded the idea as I wasn’t a child anymore. My thought shifted to the similar incident when I was in class 10, I couldn’t sleep that night. I pinched my little sister who was sleeping with me to make her wake up, she flinched but it was futile relying on her. I called “Ama, Ama…oh Ama” who was sleeping in the adjacent room. “Hang ya?” she answered, “Menang ophu mala.” I said. “Baza guru drang ne yebcho.” I chanted holy mantra and tried to get sleep for a while but it was hopeless. After some time, I again called mother and this time she came to my room and slept next to me. She asked what happened and I said I am not able to sleep as someone had died in the locality. She asked me to think something pleasant and try to get some sleep. She hugged me, I believe it was magic of mother’s love as I slept shortly after that.

I missed mother and wished she was here with me at that moment, with a sigh I pretended that she was here hugging me tight and asking me to sleep. Assuring me that she is always there for me, I knew morning wasn’t that far but finally I dozed off. Shortly after, I felt it was that not more than 10 minutes or more, I again the heard constant knock on the door.  Reluctantly I woke up and opened the door and saw my friend next door asking us to wake up. They woke up but I slept on my bed and my roommate said “Tshering wake up, we have morning assembly today.” To my rescue, my friend Sonam said “Let her sleep, she slept in the early morning only.”  Thanking her mentally I slept again.

At 7:00 am sharp I woke up and sighed “Thank God” It’s over, the longest night with the shortest sleep and promised ‘No More Horror Movies’.


  1. really had one of the toughest nights..sometimes its wise to avoid watching such movies.. and yea i must say i like ur story anyway. study well.

    1. Indeed it was the toughest night i ever had with only comfort from Sonam and now no more more horror movies(better to be wise than suffer) and thank you for visiting. Yeah, I will try to study, take care.

    2. I am also sorry, Sonam couldn't be of much help that night. I said this to her also.
      Sonam told me about your blog and its pleasure to visit it. Keep writing !!

  2. waiiii Sog ra che danu mo che, Nice for you because now no more horror movie and not wasting your time too .