Monday, May 19, 2014

That's Him

“Sonam! Sonam! That’s him.” A girl in a light pink dress said.
“Who, who?” Sonam, probably her friend asked.

“That guy in white coat wearing a red checked shirt from inside. See he is going upstairs now.” She assisted her friend in identifying.

I checked the mail on the phone while waiting.

“He is cute and handsome.” Sonam dreamily said.

I am not much of eavesdropper, but I couldn’t help as I was sitting in the same bench with them in the hospital, waiting.

“Looks can be deceiving dear. He is a total player.” A girl replied.

“Hmm…looks like a cute doctor broke somebody’s heart. Is it your heart he played with, Kezang?” Sonam teased.

“No.” Kezang replied a bit harshly.

It seems a sensitive subject for Kezang. May be her friend Sonam sensed that too as she dropped the subject.
I searched earphones in handbag to listen some music. Looks like I had to wait some more and I have no interest to listen gossips.

“Look that player is coming again.” Kezang blurted rather angrily.
I couldn’t help but look at the guy they were referring.
“Him?” I raised my brows in confusion. Surely, it evokes my curiosity and intended to listen full story. 

“What happened, Kezang? You surely know him well.” Sonam was not ready to leave the matter easily.
“I didn’t meet him personally, but I know him.” Kezang replied.
“You are not really making sense.” Sonam said, little frustrated.
“He is my cousin sister’s ex now. A few months back, she narrated that they were in love each other and he is good…blah…blah…blah. “Kezang stopped.

“So what happened?” Sonam asked my question.
“We went shopping and my cousin was ghost stricken when she saw him. Yeah, I didn’t know the guy who was going ahead of us were him, shamelessly holding another girl’s hand and acting like a Romeo.”

“Can you believe him? He wooed my cousin until she said yes and it wasn’t even a month, he got fed up and started going with others.” Kazang said with a pinch of hatred.
“So?” Sonam asked, getting intrigued by the story.
“I saw cousin crying over the betrayal. He called many times over, but she simply broke up with him. He didn’t ask the reason behind, maybe he knew it.” She narrated.

I scanned the corridor and saw him coming.
“Look, he is making way to us, masking an innocent smile and preying girls. He is a total womanizer.” There was so much hatred in Kezang.

He stopped before us.
“Tshering, let’s go now.” He said.I collected papers and shouldered the bag.
“Brother, you go first. I have an urgent call to make. I will catch you shortly.” I said.
“Ok. Don’t be late.” He walked away.

I looked at the girls who were ghost stricken now. Sonam was unconsciously pinching Kezang.
“Are you sure it’s him?” I asked Kezang.
Both the girls fidgeted. I walked smiling.

In the car, “Brother, you really are popular.”
“Am I?” he smiled rather proudly.
“Yes, you are but as a villain.” I laughed at him.
While he drove home, I laughed at him over and over.