Monday, September 28, 2015


“There she goes a manipulative gold digger.” A woman in late thirties wearing a floral maxi carrying a blue carry bag retorted. Finely made up and stylishly dressed for her age.

“Oh! Is she the one? No doubt she looks young.” Another compatible woman said thoroughly scrutinizing her through an oversized Ray Ban glass with a disapproved look.

“Heard she is younger than his youngest son.” They went on while pretending to pick necessary items from the rack.

“Tsk tsk…this generation girls! We can never fathom what they are up to. He is old enough as her father.”

“Shhhh…she might hear us.” One with glasses on whispered loudly.

“Heard he funded all her education expanses and all.” It looked like they wanted her to hear everything.

“People should live with class irrespective of bank balance.” A maxi dressed said checking her make up in the mirror on the wall.

“Her circumstances might have forced her to take such a filthy decision. Aeii…she is such a beauty.” She said adjusting her glass.

“What a waste. She might have used her beauty to lure an old man. Instead she could easily work in a movie with face like that.” There was a no indication of stopping this.

“What a big bad world?” they said their favorite line in unison and giggled like a high school girls.

She heard it all. Wasn’t it their intention? On impulse, she wanted to walk out from the grocery but she stayed. After all why should she? She did nothing wrong. She had to hear it all for better or the worst. Trust me, she had been called worse.

Can relationship between a man and woman be ever holier in the eyes of society? Before knowing the inside story, they provide their judgment and seal the verdict.  She has another story to tell, a real one but what’s the use, they will believe what they always wanted to. They just need something to talk while sipping a coffee, walking to home or while hanging out together.

She can’t shut all the mouth but she can close her ear. Indeed it was a big bad world with small mind. Little did world know that while pointing an index finger towards other, rest of the fingers pointed to them.


  1. Beautiful post Cheki!!! Keep writing and inspiring us with your story! :)

  2. Beautiful post Cheki!!! Keep writing and inspiring us with your story! :)