Wednesday, September 16, 2015


An entry on the Diary from 3rd August, 2015

When I swap the screen of cell with my index finger to the right, it reads boldly 5:48am, too early for me to wake up; I am and never was a morning person. I have been literally awake an hour ago; figuring, scrutinizing, inspecting and dissecting every possible nook and corner of my life. I tell you; dawn thoughts can be dangerous. Like I want to break free, suddenly there was this intense urge to get an immediate tattoo on the left wrist. A tattoo! Literally, a permanent image, pattern or word on the skin which is created by using needles to put colors under the skin. An idea of the tattoo never appealed me then or now but I want it so badly now.

A tattoo of a crescent moon with a legible yet mysterious inscription on it, sounds cool nah? A crescent moon shall represent the new phase of another beginning and change of a life like transition I am going through now. A beautiful yet mysterious transition I am anticipating now. Beautiful because each moment of the life is beautiful and has its own significance. And mysterious because life don’t come announcing, what and when it might reveal its faces, we can never fathom. Life will never be the same, it wasn’t supposed to. A legible inscription of ‘alys be happy’ will be written on the crescent moon. ‘Always’ is cut short into ‘alys’ because I am afraid it might not fit in crescent moon.

I don’t know I will get a tattoo or not but before this madness of wanting to get a tattoo vanish in the air, I wanted to enter into the journal of my life. That’s why; I grabbed the pen and a diary and immediately start writing. That’s the way how I always tattoo the moments of my life, each day.  


  1. All the rightful choices lies in your hand and heart...anyway interesting thought process..

  2. i want a butterfly tatoo at the back of my shoulder :)

    1. Let's do it 'partner in crime'.....after all that's gonna be our another zindagi na milenge dobara moments... Miss you zala