Wednesday, December 30, 2015


“Do you want a tea?” my colleague asked.

“Yeah…thanks.” I said continuing to work on estimation and BoQ.

“Hey…put 2 two cubes of sugar.” I added.

“Huh? What happened today, you usually drink tea without sugar?” She asked curiously. When I first joined, she gave me a coffee…too sweet for my liking so I barely touched a cup.

With the passing days and blending atmosphere, I told her that I prefer tea without sugar. She noted that though she forgets sometimes *smile*.

“My life is too sour and bitter these days. I need to bring sweetness in it. So I am thinking of starting by adding sugar in a tea.” I said as a matter of fact but she brushed off by laughing “Oyeee” while handing me a cup of tea.

I sipped from the tapering white colored cup; I grimaced with the taste unable to gulp the concentrated sweetness.

She looked at my face studying the reaction and laughed, “I put three instead, so your life can be sweeter in jiffy.”

I made a face, what kind of; I don’t know…I bet not the pleasant one.

“My fault, I need sweetness in my life not in a tea.” I muttered, barely audible to myself.

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