Wednesday, December 9, 2015


The sun hides behind the gloomy cloud depriving the world of its warmth of this cold winter, the chill of winter breezes can be felt despite the layers of clothes on. In the midst of dancing dust, moving vehicles, rushing people, I am one of the heads walking on the streets of the town. Blowing warm air, rubbing my palms together and bringing it on my face, tightening the muffler so there is no room left for air to sneak; I walked straight to the place where I belong. The night announces its arrival too soon, the wind is wilder than I ever experienced, and people are so distant. I focused on the road, careful to avoid bumping with people or potholes on the road. Unconsciously scanning the faces and noticing how different and beautiful each person is; appreciating the beauty, innocence, confidence, style and uniqueness of each individual and imagining how beautiful the world will be, if we know everyone, everywhere or anywhere. The warmth in strangers are yet to reach their eyes, the connection yet to get linked and the welcome yet to feel, but I believe the sun of tomorrow promising new rays of hope. 

As I walk this walk in the crowded street, only assurance is that tomorrow will be better; the sun will be brighter and warmer, dust little calmer, wind little milder and the people more friendly.

I take my cell phone, plug the earpiece and play the music. Perfectly, Hozier at his best begins singing ‘Someone New’. I get immersed in his song as it best suits the situation.

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