Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Year I Met You

The year I met you was the year;
Of stagnation of free flowing river,
Entrapped without an inch of escape.
There was no going back or moving on
I remain there, frozen with the time.
Waiting for the sun to melt the coldness
Of a snow queen dwelling in me.

The year I met you was the year;
I drown into the deeper well of thoughts
Without an inch of escape
The more I thought, the more was a pain
The more pain I felt, the more ignorant I became.
The deeper I went, the scarier world was
The scarier world grew the stronger I become.

The year I met you was the year;
Of enlightenment of the soul
The year of discovering myself
The year I learned to live with the pain
The year of great lessons and pleasant memories
The year like never before
It was the year I fell in love with you.

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