Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Break (^o^)

I typed, erased all, then typed and again erased all. I slammed the laptop out of sheer frustration unable write a word. The things I love seemed so distant, I wanted to write something but my mind seems blank as I couldn’t compose a single line without having to erase it. Damn! I cursed, which I have been doing a lot lately.

What? I asked, of course not to the walls but to myself. I was looking inside my heart, it is so ugly, and I have become the person I always detested. What am I doing to myself? I am losing a battle against myself. How am I to win when I don’t know what I am fighting for? It surely isn’t a battle but what is it, if it isn’t? I feel so lost, never mind, not in the street but I can hardly locate where my mind is, don’t tell me it is inside my brain because dear I am definitely not in a mood to joke, so back off…precisely 10 feet away from me. Later on, don’t tell me if you are a victim of my targeted accidental blow.

Haha…this is funny, excuse my laugh I have this dreadful habit of laughing at serious situation.

“Darling, you need a break.” I heard my inner voice.

“You mean Kitkat break…ok…I will get one on the way to home.”

“Dummy, a break from the work and life; a real break as in vacation, you need to go to exotic location and dip your feet in a sauna, grab pile of books and read till your eyes tears out and write a journal till you run out of ink.”

“So is that your definition of a vacation?”

“No it isn’t but it is what you really need at this moment.”

“Really, do I need this kind of vacation?” I wrinkled my nose, questioning myself.

n.b: I don’t know when I wrote this piece but it is so funny, I couldn’t help posting. Surely, I needed a break that time.


  1. Me too! Let's take a break together! ;P

    1. Definitely Ma'am...can I join you in Beijing? If you are still there....just kidding. Hope you are good. Take care :D Enjoy your days