Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nothing in Particular But Everything

“Why did you wake up so early?” Sonam asked me.
“Is past 7 so early?” I asked.

“I am surprised that you woke up without me having to come to your room and pull you out of bed. I thought you will sleep for the whole day.” I smiled at the well stated fact.

“Don’t we have class today?” I murmured quizzically getting what was coming next. 

“Didn’t you check webmail? The classes are called off as per the order of His Majesty.” She was laughing at me.

“Arrggggg! I should have checked the mail.” I mentally slapped myself. After exhausting days of first midterm, I craved for a real rest. I reluctantly woke up in the morning to prepare for today's class.

Yesterday, after writing the last paper from 4-5pm, we were informed that His Majesty and Her Majesty are coming for the royal visit to the college. 

A visit, students anticipated despite the tiring days of exams. The visit which lasted for 40 minutes comprises of the words of wisdoms, advices and guidance, appreciation for working hard, his expectations of the technical students and His Majesty clearly expressed a wish to spend a day with the students, attending the lectures and blending with a life of CST, however, he stated that he has to visit Singapore to pay condolence and attend a funeral of a man he deeply respect, former prime minister of Singapore, late. Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

His Majesty said that we, the students must be tired after exams and deserve a day off. A line which brought a smile on face of six hundred people in the MP Hall.

However, it was not officially confirmed. After special late night dinner from a mess, I retired for a day with a movie. Probably, dozed off without completing it and yeah, didn’t bother to check the mail. That’s how I land up waking early today *wink*

Anyway, the perk of rising early is that I could clean the room, arrange the closet, and do the piles of laundry.
As I lay on the bed reading the first chapter of ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ by Oscar Wilde, mentally I counted the number of days I have to stay in a college. Hardly 100 days left to leave the college.

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost 4 years as it feels like yesterday, when I first timidly stepped inside the gate of College of Science and Technology. The place which has given me a real foundation both for my career and life. I think I have changed by leap, in past 4 years than the previous 17 years of my existence. I felt unknown emotion rupturing inside me, I tried to suppress it with the line I read somewhere ‘Every beginning has an end and every ending is a new beginning’.

Suddenly my heart swelled with mixed feeling of fear, apprehension, excitement, responsibility which lies ahead and a few others I couldn’t name.

I felt the need to breath for a real. I closed and tossed away the book, opened the laptop and began writing, nothing in particular but meant everything deep inside.


  1. It's a beautifully written article, Tshering. I love the language and your choice of words. I am glad that you have got the rare opportunity to receive wisdom from His Majesty the King.... Also I would like to wish you the best of luck for your final days of your academic life at CST. Wish u all the success. Keep writing. It's a nice read.

    1. Thank you sir for going through it. Means a lot to me. Hope you are fine. I do respect and adore your writing. You are phenomenal inspiration to many of us. Best wishes and take care :D