Saturday, May 9, 2015

Forever Friends

“So you lied to me?” She looked at me, trying to read an expression from my face. I didn’t even flinch.

“I didn’t lie. I just chose not to tell you the truth.” My voice gave no hint of guilt I was feeling inside.

“What is the difference? You didn’t trust me enough with the truth. You don’t know the first thing about the friendship, it is the ‘trust’.” Her voice was giving up with the betrayal so strong.

“Human beings robbed the trust out of me long ago.” The far-gone memories of betrayal of mankind still haunt and infuriate me.

“Why me? Of all, why did you befriend with me? Why me?” She sobbed.

“Remember the night you cried and you were planning to slit your wrist as you felt so neglected in the school. You wished for a friend.” I told her as I vividly remember her devastated face, swollen eyes, puffed lips as she bite too hard in an attempt to stop crying and firmly held razor blade in right hand just an inch away from a stretched left hand.

“How do you know?” her eyes reflected the horror she felt.

“I was returning after the grand feast from the nearby jungle. I happened to pass by your window. I saw you and felt your loneliness.” I didn’t tell her that my world was no different from her, how I wish for a death sometimes, an impossible wish in my world.

“Oh..I got it. You purposely bumped on me at the park the next day.” She seemed to scratch the facts and fit together.

“Yeah, I felt the connection between us. You make me happy, which I have been missing for millennium.” I defied the rules of not interfering in human life and it seems worthy suddenly.

“I have felt the same.  Friends forever?” She smiled genuinely as she entwined our fingers.

“Forever friends.” I said.

“Yeah… friends forever. I promise.” She amiably stretched her neck with the thumb and forefinger as humans do when they promise.

“Promise.” I placed both the hands on my heart as creatures from my world do when we promise. The oath I took in the refuge of the lord almighty to be her friend forever.

“Can you fly?” she asked me curiously.

“I can.” I spread my hand and lightly float and made a round in her dimly lit room.

“Wow! You are so cool.” An admiration and astonishment shone in her eyes.

“Can I see the real you?” she pleaded.

“Does my look matter to you?” I asked.

“Of course not. I know the inside you, you are a real gem. I am just curious how you look like. If you don’t want to, never bother.” She convinced me that she meant every word.

I hesitated for a moment. I wasn’t the girl she had been with; a girl with long wavy hair, beautiful smile, rosy cheeks, sympathetic and kind eyes, but I was still the same me who promised minutes ago.

“Ok.” I stooped my head, closed my eyes. Slowly raised my head and revealed the dilating red pupil, a floral shirt cracked and wings grew from the shoulder, skin rumpled and turned blue, tails protruded from behind, a floppy ear drooping down, sharp fangs projected from my mouth and long pink tongue sticking out.

“Mommy!” she screamed, hit her foot on the table, stumbled on the floor and ran away as fast as her leg could carry.

“Forever friends.” I whispered and flown off from her place vowing never to trust human again.

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