Wednesday, May 27, 2015

She & The Season

She be the season;
A summer of red,
An autumn of yellow,
A winter of white
And a spring of rainbow. 

She be the season;
A snow in the summer,
A vintage in the autumn,
A fire in the winter,
And the joys in the spring.

She be the season;
A summer of passion,
An autumn of solace,
A winter of calmness
And a spring of versatility.

She be the season;
The rains of tears in the summer,
The falling pieces in an autumn,
The freezing moment in the winter
And the blooming hopes in the spring.

She be the season;
The summer of variation,
The mysteries of an autumn,
The beauty of the winter
And the enchantress of the spring.

She be the season;
A summer of an endless adventures,
An autumn of the inevitable change,
An unbeatable winter of will,
And a spring full of lives and colours.


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